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Davits /

Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. manufactures several series of davits, lifting anything from the smallest of dinghies (50 lbs./22.7 Kg), to most of the larger Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), and full fiberglass boats (800 lbs./363 Kg). Because we do not bend or weld anything on our davits, all are removable in some form or another. While the majority take less then 60 seconds to remove, even the more advanced systems require less then 5 minutes.

Rotating Davits

Model 1200 1400 Adjustable 1900 Adjustable
Weight Load 200 Lbs. (91Kg) 250 Lbs. (113Kg) 300 Lbs. (136Kg)
Purchase 6:1 7:1 7:1
Height 36 in. (91cm)    
(Min)   34 in. (86cm) 41in. (86cm)
(Max)   51 in. (130cm) 65in. (165cm)
Reach 36 in. (91cm)    
(Min)   33 in. (84cm) 33 in. (84cm)
(Max)   42 in. (112cm) 42 in. (112cm)
* Option + 8” ($)


 Fixed Adjustable Davits                         (*)  With Opt. Riser Arm

Model 1400 1900 2000 5000
Weight Load 250 Lbs. (113Kg) 300 Lbs. (136Kg) 350 Lbs. (159Kg) 750 Lbs. (340Kg)
Purchase 7:1 7:1 7:1 12:1 + 6.8:1
Optional 12v or 24v Electric
Height 0 - 25 in. (64cm)* 0 - 25 in. (64cm)* 0 - 32 in. (81cm)* 0 - 40 in. (81cm)*
(Min) 33 in. (84cm) 33 in. (84cm) 33 in. (84cm) 35 in. (89cm)
(Max) 44 in. (112cm)*
44 in. (112cm)*
** Option + 8” ($)
52 in. (132cm)*
65 in. (165cm)
** Option + 10” ($)


Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. is also a davit manufacturer, producing both a ‘fixed davit‘, and a ‘rotating davit’ system – which are fully adjustable to allow their articulation. This means that each davit becomes virtually custom to your boat and dinghy. No boat is created equal, from year to year, builder to builder – each is unique.

Fixed Davits

There are a few types of davits available on the market today. Simply put, Fixed Davits do not rotate. They attach (often through-bolted) to a swim platform, transom, or deck. These are ideal with heavier tenders, or when more height and/or reach is required. Many fixed davit systems have some form of a ‘riser arm’, or extension, which allows you to customize the system for you. With these, you decide exactly where the dinghy is going to sit in the air. Atkins & Hoyle makes the only adjustable system, allowing you to change both the height and the reach.

Rotating Davits

Rotating davits are gaining popularity among boaters, they add versatility to the conventional davit. Exactly how it sounds, they rotate – often as much as 180′, different from a crane which will rotate a full 360′. This style of davit often mounts on railings, and is ideal for small inflatable dinghies, kayaks/canoes, to a medium size RIBs (300 lbs.). Many boaters double a quality rotating davit as a motor (outboard) hoist as well. Rotating davits are likely the most commonly produced davit, many companies try and fool you with ‘prefab’ systems made out of lesser quality materials which eventually rust and break, but Atkins & Hoyle's line of adjustable davits is Simply The Best.

Why Davits?

Davits are an easy solution to hauling / storing your dinghy or personal watercraft (PWC). If you are a boater and own a dinghy, there has likely been at least one situation where you wish you had some kind of davit system. Lifting the inflatable over the bow rail may seem like an easy task at first, it doesn’t take more than a few uses before it becomes tedious and a real job. Over time this leads to your dinghy sitting (deflated) in a lazarette or worse, at home in the garage. At Atkins & Hoyle Ltd., we feel having easy access to your dinghy or PWC adds another level of entertainment, for the entire family, unmatched by any other addition to the boat.
Some boaters have seen it done, and many think it is a good idea – Towing is never ideal. First off safety, while the dinghy is on a tow line you have little to no control of it. Should a wave wash your dinghy into shore, or worse, the side of your (or someone else’s)  vessel, you may be in for some serious trouble. Let say safety is not at the top of your list (it should be), constantly having to scrub the bottom of the dinghy gets old, very quick.

Starting as low as $850.00 ea. davits are an easy alternative.