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Our Castings! Al-Mag 535

 Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. manufactures the World's highest quality marine hardware. People who have been exposed to Atkins & Hoyle Products know its quality. Check out our Testimonial Page.

We are known for our High-Quality Al-Mag 535 Castings, and inovative designs. Our castings are extremely universal, and adaptale to most situations any mariner will find themselves in.
The alloy we've selected is extremely difficult to work with, but the end result speaks for itself. Our fourth generation family business has nearly 100 years of  experience; mastering the technologies required to properly sand cast this Magnesium Aluminum Alloy. When completed, our castings are as strong as Stainless Steel, but are 20% lighter in weight than traditional aluminum. To top the cake, these castings will NEVER CORRODE (No maintenance).

We bright polish, and clear anodize our castings, which results in an amazing near Satin White appearance - truly beautiful when glimoring in the sun.

Our products are designed for real-life situations, to last a life-time.  We are boaters too. When setting off on a sunny Friday - we all know the weather during the trip home Sunday can be MUCH different. Our CranesDavitsHatches and Ports, Arches and HardtopsPoles, and Roll-Ons are all built with these conditions in mind.

Built BY mariners, FOR mariners.

Taken From:

Alloy                                                                                                                           Temper Ultimate Tensile (ksi) Yield Strength (ksi) Brinell Hardness (500 Kg) Shearing Strength (ksi)
535.0(Almag 35) F 40 20 70 27