Quality You Know

100% Manufactured in North America

Quality You Know

100% Manufactured in North America
Welcome to Atkins & Hoyle

Locally Manufactured with our Highest Standard. Hatches and Ports, Marine Window Repair, Dinghy Davits, Marine Cranes, Hardtops and Arches. Made in North America. Direct from our factory machine shop to your boat.

About Us

In business for over 100 years, we manufacture the world's best Cast Hatches and Ports, Dinghy Davits, Marine Cranes, Arches and Hardtops. We also operate North America's most professional Hatch and Port Repair Facility and we have an extensive Parts Catalogue for many different brands. Our beautiful and robust products have provided decades of service for thousands of boat owners.


Founded in Toronto, Canada in 1921 as a foundry machine shop, our expertise in the marine industry is unmatched by the competition. The spirit of innovation was instilled into our business by our Grandfathers and is nurtured in our children. For five generations, we have excelled at crafting exceptional marine products. 

Our systems work safely and reliably, that's our guarantee. Our products are based on scientific investigation, real-world use and decades of experience. The results are Davits and Cranes, Hatches and Ports, Arches and Hardtops that perform and look great. We offer boaters the peace of mind that comes from owning well-engineered and expertly crafted marine equipment.

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Our Products

Atkins & Hoyle is the leading North American manufacturer of the highest quality marine products. Our portlights for sailboats, marine boat hatches, boat hardtops, yacht davits, sailboat davits, dinghy hoists and other dinghy lift systems and marine cranes are unmatched in the industry. Our stainless steel radar arch is modular and fully customizable, including being available in lightweight aluminum and becoming a davit arch allowing you to have a custom boat arch. 

We also specialize in marine window repair, including marine hatch and portlight repair; providing complete hatch and port refurbishment, supplying parts such as boat window seal replacement, hatch gaskets, acrylic lens replacement and supplying hard to find parts such as support rods, boat window screens and hatch springs.

What our Clients says:

I have an Endeavour 35 sailboat out of production for some time. Its a testament to the quality of the hatches installed in 1983! This year I replaced some of the support hardware. Brian is great and guided me to what I needed to bring the hatches back into shape. Superior quality and customer support. What could be better? Thanks Atkins and Hoyle

Marti Donovan

I had been searching for a crane for my sport fishing boat for several months, when I came upon Atkins and Hoyle. From the start, Eric and Brian were extremely helpful in selecting the right product for my application. They made suggestions to me, which I did not even think about previously. Needless to say, they made the process of selecting, ordering and final receipt of their products a breeze! Furthermore, the quality of this crane far exceeded my expectations. I also must share that after receipt of the crane, I had installations issues, which they eagerly worked me through and I could not be more pleased. It's amazing when you can buy a product off the internet and the seller doesn't forget about you after the sale is made. You can't go wrong with Atkins and Hoyle. I recommend them highly and without reservation.

Tom Clemente

Atkins & Hoyle personal were very helpful in determining the model and specifications for 3 sailboat hatches that were at least 30 years old and even had parts/instructions on proper methods of resealing. I was very impressed for such old equipment. Thanks Again.

Bill Groves

Outstanding product, used them from Lake Ontario to the Bahamas and back. Well built, great folks to talk to about your needs

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Hatch Repair Services

Atkins & Hoyle is a premier marine hatch and port manufacturer. With over 100 years of experience, we have the skills, tools and necessary expertise to bring your hatches and ports back to like-new condition. Let our experts refurbish your hatches and portlights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have specific questions related to our services and product, here are all relevant answer to many common questions:

Why are Atkins & Hoyle designs different?

When we designed our products, we chose the best possible processes and materials to give you the strongest, lightest, and most easily mounted system.A system which would mount in a range different configurations. Our castings are our secret to sucess, and what sets us apart from ALL others. This design allows us to add strength where required and take out weight where it is not needed. As a fourth generation family business, the techniques we use were handed down generation after generation. Newer companies, and in fact all other system in the world use a bent / welded design; All Stainless will suffer a reduction in corrosion resistance because of welding. These davits cannot come close to the features Atkins & Hoyle has come to know as standard - customizable, durable, stronger, lighter, and more corrosion resistant.  Our castings are 215-R1 Anodized, a process which hardens the surface and coats them with an Electrical Insulator; preventing Electrolysis due to disimilar metals

What does “safe working load” mean?

Our davits our rated to a safe working load that is well below their tested maximum capacity. This means that we test our davits beyond what we ultimately rate them at because we know that there is a lot of extra load when your boat is on the water. Make sure that any davit system that you are considering quotes only a safe working load and is not simply the useless “maximum capacity” that many other davit manufacturers use. Other manufacturers’ tubing is not stronger than ours, not only because the unique way that we produce our products, but in the fact that the wall is reduced during their bending process. Simply put, all other davit manufacturers overrate their products

If I have an angled transom or large swim platform, how do I get the extra reach that I need?

Atkins & Hoyle davits are fully adjustable, allowing you get the most reach that is possible with a davit system. This is accomplished with our innovative spline casting that locks our modular units after a one time adjustment, thus allowing you to tailor suit the height and reach for your particular boat. Our 1900 model can also have added length to the tubes if you require even more reach, up to 12 inches. Our systems also have the ability to hold the davit away from the rail or transom to give the maximum reach that you need.

Why does Atkins & Hoyle use an aluminum-magnesium alloy?


The conditions and forces that we expect our products to go trough demand that we use a super strong, super light alloy that will not corrode in salt water. The best alloy for these specifications is Almag 35, an aluminum-magnesium alloy. This non-ferrous, anti-corrosion metal alloy is perfectly suited to the marine industry because it is lighter stronger than ordinary aluminum. Almag 35 is the lightest, strongest and most corrosion resistant alloy for marine use available today. It provides a 40% elongation, meaning that instead of breaking, the davits are flexible, absorbing shock loads, it has a tensile strength 44000 lb. per square inch and is 20 % lighter than aluminum


What is the best lifting ratio for a davit?

We believe in providing the highest lifting ratio for our davits. All of davits have a MINIMUM 6:1 block and pulley system, most come standard with a 7:1 purchase. Our 750 lb. Model 5000 has a 12:1 system plus a 6.8:1 winch. All of these purchase systems are designed to give a maximum 30 lb. pull on the rope. This provides 100% safety advantage while other manufactures provide optional block systems that exceed the tolerance of their davit systems. This ensures that you have to expend the least amount energy as possible to secure your tender.

There is no rail on my transom; can I still mount rotating davits?

Yes, all of our davit systems can be mounted in a variety of ways. The universal base mount can be fitted to any angle so it can lie flat against your deck or transom in place of a rail mount.

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