Custom Hardtops

Custom Hardtops

Fully Custom Hardtops for Boats

Lightweight and Strong

 Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and 0.090" FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

Atkins & Hoyle Hardtops are the best choice for Sun Shade in the industry. Soft Bimini's don't offer the longevity you need, and fully molded hardtops are expensive. The best of both worlds, our hardtops are a semi-permanent alternative with a life expectancy of 10+ years. After that time, wear items like the FRP can easily be replaced at an extremely low cost.

We utilize a modular design, giving you the flexibility to get exactly what you want.  The strongest, most durable systems on the market, we guarantee their strength, function and ability to withstand harsh ocean conditions. While other brands weld and paint their joints, we use advanced alloy castings that are superior in every way. They are available ready to order, or custom built to your specifications.

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