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Dinghy Davits /

Dinghy Davits help boaters lift heavy objects out of the water. Typically mounted on land or in a vehicle such as a boat or truck, davits use a 'block and tackle' which allow humans to lift more weight with less effort. This concept of mechanical advantage has been around for centuries, line is routed through a series of pulley's (called blocks); threading the line through more pulley's reduces the effort required to lift the heavy object. In the boating world, the number of pulley's in the system is called the 'Lifting Ratio' / 'Purchase'. I.e. a 7:1 lifting ratio reduces the load by approximatly 7 (70 lbs. would feel closer to 10 lbs.).

Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. manufactures several models of dinghy davits which help lift anything from the smallest of dinghies (50 lbs./22.7 Kg) to most of the larger Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and full fiberglass personal watercrafts (800 lbs./363 Kg). All of our davits are removable as they are bolted together; not welded. Pick from a wide range of sizes below in both the Rotating Davit and Fixed Davit styles below.   Not sure where to start? Click on the Guide to Selecting a Davit, below! Or Call us Today!

* Our Dinghy Davits are built with the toughest conditions in mind. We quote Safe Working Load (SWL), a conservative factor of the davits capacity. 

Guide to Selecting a Davit!